Jan 26, 2016

The Earth's Chimney Rages

FNS News: Don't let the East Coast Snow Slammer fool you. If record heat was registered in 2014 and 2015, expect even hotter temperatures in 2016 and succeeding years. That's the prognosis of a climate research scientist who spoke this week in a Mexico City presentation organized by the Research Institute for Development, a French government-sponsored agency with a focus on the global south.

"If global warming continues at the same pace as now, temperature records will continue getting broken every year, said Dr. Myriam Khodri, who works with Frances's Pierre Simon Laplace Institute.

Khodri projected drier weather for regions of the Americas, warning of the ramifications of less rain on different economic activities. She also touched on the effects of this year's large El Niño.

Jan 14, 2016

"El Chapo" re-arrested in Mexico

CBS/AP: Responding to what was seen as one of the biggest embarrassments of his administration - Guzman's July 11 escape through a tunnel from Mexico's highest-security prison - Pena Nieto wrote in his Twitter account on Friday: "mission accomplished: we have him."

Benjamin Bergman, a spokesman for the Mexican marines, said El Chapo was rearrested after a shootout with Mexican marines in the city of Los Mochis, in Guzman's home state of Sinaloa early Friday. He said Guzman was in "good condition."

Five people have been killed and one Mexican marine wounded in the clash. The Mexican Navy said in a statement that marines acting on a tip raided a home in the town of Los Mochis before dawn. They were fired on from inside the structure. Five suspects were killed and six others arrested. The marine's injuries were not life threatening. Read more. 

Mexico's Drug War Has Decreased Life Expectancy For Men

Newsweek: A new report reveals how Mexico’s ongoing drug war has undone gains made in the life expectancy of men and women in the country, as the country’s homicide rate soared in the first decade of the 21st century.

Despite six decades of increase in life expectancy for Mexicans, thanks to the introduction of health care reform and improvements in quality of life, between 2005 and 2010 life expectancy for Mexican men between the ages of 15 and 50 across the country fell an average of .3 years. This decline is being attributed to drug war-related homicides, according to a new study from the UCLA Fielding School of Public Health, which was published in the journal Health Affairs on Tuesday. Read more. 

Dec 30, 2015

Police escort Mexican travelers on 'death highway

Digital Journal: Twenty cars line up between police cruisers in a violent northeastern Mexican city, ready to be escorted at high speed across a notorious "death highway" infested with gangs that kill and kidnap.

Many are Mexican migrants who drove across the border to Matamoros from the United States, bearing gifts for their families for the Christmas holidays.

Others are local residents who know the dangers they face driving across Tamaulipas, the state with the highest number of missing people in Mexico -- 5,000 out of 26,000 nationally -- and regular drug cartel battles. Read more. 

Dec 21, 2015

After student disappearances, Mexico city tries to turn page

AP: The previous elected mayor is in jail, and the new one wants to "turn the page" on the ugliest chapter in the history of this southern Mexican city.

Fifteen months ago, when 43 rural college students disappeared at the hands of local police and cartel thugs, Iguala became the symbol of Mexico's narco-brutality. Now, federal police are in charge of security, the ruling Institutional Revolutionary Party controls city hall — and Mayor Esteban Albarran Mendoza wants to move forward. Read more.

Jalisco villagers have set up camp against the bulldozers

El Daily Post: The grey mists of morning rise in the valley of Ahuisculco, bringing the new day to the roadside encampment where ten hardy villagers have spent the night around the fire, drinking coffee and sharing stories to ward off chill and exhaustion. One by one, reinforcements begin to arrive from the nearby village with chicharrones, chismes and good cheer.

It’s another day in the plantón, the protest encampment blocking the path of the bulldozers – where hundreds of villagers of this town of 5,000 have taken a stand for more than a month to protect their water supply from the excavations of a shadowy corporation that has yet to be identified. Here in the entrance to the construction zone that menaces their springs they’ve blocked the construction with their bodies, building a temporary encampment complete with kitchen, port-a-potties, sound system and now an open-air tent chapel with their beloved “Chaparrita,” the miraculous Virgin of the Ascension. Read more.

Latino Lawmakers Ask Rubio to Stop Blocking U.S. Envoy to Mexico

Latin American Herald Tribune: A total of 19 U.S. Latino lawmakers sent a letter to Republican presidential hopeful – and Florida senator – Marco Rubio asking him to stop blocking confirmation of the assistant secretary of state for the Western Hemisphere, Roberta Jacobson, as ambassador to Mexico, congressional officials reported Monday.

The legislators emphasized the U.S. government’s need to have a diplomatic representative in the capital of our southern neighbor as soon as possible, given that – after the exit of the man who had filled that post up until July, Tony Wayne – the post is vacant. Read more.